Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dad & 3 "Cubs"

Mom's internment helped me realize that she's really gone. Before the service I found myself sitting in my childhood home expecting her to walk into the room and tell me to keep my hair off the couch, or call me from her bedroom asking me to bring her a cup of coffee. Seeing her ashes lowered into the grave was a very concrete image.

On the net I chanced upon a poster of a bear and three cubs. I knew I had wanted to give dad-- lover of bears-- a little something. This was the perfect way to remind him that he's not alone, he still has his three daughters who love him very much. Here's wishing us all well!


tsykoduk said...

Katie - that is sooo cool.

Kristabel said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift for your dad.

I'm sorry for your loss, Katie.

Katie LeJoi said...

Thanks cuz & kristabel,

It was a great find with great timing.