Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a crazy bid deal at work. I've never worked in a place that made it such a big deal. I'm in a big room with a total of 8 units, each unit has 2 rows of desks. Most of the units went all out in decorations and costumes, each creating their own little haunted house or themed story... except mine. I was in the unit that won the party pooper prize. I wore an orange shirt w/ a black cat on it and was the most dressed up..... Anyhow, one unit did a Zoo Theme, another did a Swamp Theme, another was a Mad-Scientist's Laboratory. A lot of units completely partitioned off their area and created an enclosed world inside. The room I'm in is only one room of one building at the social services "campus," as its nicknamed. Other areas were also decorated. One was the Wizard of Oz, another did a Pirate Theme, another was Robin Hood in the Sherwood Forest, and one of my favorites was The Wild West-- complete w/covered wagon, jail, stable, sheriff's office, and saloon. And there was food, lots and lots of food. By the time I got home I was way over-stimulated and was glad I had planned a quiet night in.

In between oooing and ahhhing at kids in costumes, I made gluten free brownies, popcorn, and my dinner; all while listening to Micheal Jackson's, "Thriller" on LP. I only had 6 groups of trick-or-treaters, but it was still fun. The strange part was that very few of them actually said "Trick or Treat." Most said "Happy Halloween" and one said, "Hello, May I please have some candy?" The last one came from a little boy, just out of toddler-hood, who promptly took a huge handful of my Jolly-Rancher Lollipops, much to his mother's chagrin... I thought it was cute.

After the near sugar- induced coma I had thrust upon myself at work, I was keen on savory for dinner.

For Halloween dinner I skillet-cooked some guere cheese and turkey sausage with apples. As it cooked I sprinkled on nutmeg, and cinnamon, but no sugar. I completed the dish with a hearty helping of sauerkraut.


tsykoduk said...


I took the kid out tricker treating. He was spider man. He ran himself ragged. :-)

since I work online and from home, we took pictures of ourselves in our costumes and sent them around. And we changed our nick names in chat to "scary" ones.

Katie LeJoi said...

Sounds like a good you had a good Halloween. Any cute Jax pics in a spiderman suit?

DwarvenChef said...

I dressed up as a cook... had to work... Does that count :p