Saturday, October 11, 2008

Have Avacado, Will Travel

Just before heading home on a recent trip to Santa Barbara, I thought of all those avacado deprived people back in Humboldt County and knew the perfect (and free) souvineers to bring everybody.... avacados.

This tree was my bedroom view for numerous years growing-up. It was always plentiful and has continued to increase its generosity with time. The curtain rod and its holders were handmade by my father. Back in high school I complained that there were no curtain rods made long enough for my window. The curtains I wanted to make required there to be a solid bar w/out a supporting bracket in the middle, so dad went into the garage and made this curtain rod to my specifications.....
....I never did get around to making the curtains.

Here again, is the avacado tree through the bedroom window. Its surprising now, but there were times in my life when I was sick of eating avacados. When I moved out of the house and had to pay for avacados, I was also surprised by how expensive they were. In my mind, avacados were always free and bountiful things, like rocks or pill-bugs.

Dad and I picked avacados for just 20 minutes or so and were able to gather this huge container full. He esitmated we only picked about 10% of the available fruit. Yumm, plenty more for future trips.

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