Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven Things........

Thanks to Kristabel, here's seven things you might not know, or might not want to know, about me. ...and thanks to my digital camera for deciding to work, just a little longer, so I can continue to upload pics. (Don't you just love the one of my cat in my mailbox?)

1. I often take my cat with me when I check the mail. She volunteers when I jingle the mailbox keys and I enjoy the company.

2. I like "Its A Small World" ride at Disneyland. As I child I wanted to learn the song in every language it was sung during the ride; but my memory wasn't good enough and I only managed it in English. (Sorry if I've gotten the song stuck in your head.)

3. I considered writing 2. on a postcard and sending it into Post Secret.... but its underlying philosophy seems to not only be secrets that no one else knows; but also secrets you wouldn't want anyone else to know. I obviously don't meet this contingency.

4. I'm queer.

5. I have a penchant for pens.

6. I miss baking gluten-filled things more than I miss eating them. For about a year now I've known I was gluten intolerant, and have since adhered to a strict gluten-free diet. Though I dearly miss sourdough bread and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I miss the affinity I had with baking more. No other type of cooking affords me the same ease as I had with baking and my ability has not translated to gluten-free baking.

7. I like crochet better than knitting. Oh wait, I forgot to finish that scarf I was knitting. I love this. I like knitting better than crochet. Here's a neat crochet pattern. Oh my, this is way fun. I like crochet better than knitting............

The End

AND-------> If you're reading this and your name appears on the following list, well then--- Tag, You're It:

Dwarf with a Spoon AKA Dwarven Chef (voted least likely to respond as hasn't blogged since 21 August 2008.)
Tracy AKA T-Rex
Cousin Greg (Voted 2nd-least likely to respond as hasn't blogged since 30 September 2008.)


Kristabel said...

Thanks for playing, Katie! I loved getting to know more about you.

tsykoduk said...

Do'h. That'll tech them to not log out after using my 'puter. Haha. Email sent to all their freinds. "Ima Dork!"


Back to the original thought:


DwarvenChef said...

Ha See I did respond... Ok so it's been a few days... weeks... Oh whatever :p

Nice to see your trying to ship off the furball... No she doesn't need another cat, trying to get rid of the ones I'm stuck with now hehe (she'll kill me when she sees this :p

DwarvenChef said...

I'm looking into a book on Gluten Free baking. I just got a industry mag that made mention of it so I'm digging around for it. Let ya know when I have it :D

Katie LeJoi said...

Sweet! I look foreword to hearing if you fare betting in the world of gluent-free baking.