Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rocks from Baikal

I brought rocks back from Lake Baikal, Siberia. Lake Baikal is the length of California and is the deepest lake in the world. Anyhow, the rocks have done nothing but sit in a bag, packed away in a box for the past 8 years. I decided to put them in a fish bowl I had laying around. The colors of the rocks don't show when dry, so I added water. Having a fish bowl with only rocks and water sitting in my livingroom seemed weird, so I got a Betta and put him in the bowl. The Betta dug down and trapped himself under the rocks, shredding some of his fins and cutting his head. So I took the biggest rocks out. The Betta did it again, this time shredding his tail fin completely down to his tail scales. So, I took out the medium rocks, added fake plants, & a ceramic thing for the Betta to hide in. The Betta did it again, cutting his right gill & shredding what was left of his fins. So, I took out the remaining Baikal rocks, & added gravel. Now all my rocks from Lake Baikal are in a bag, packed away in a box.

Fred the Betta, whose fins are growing back more quickly than anticipated. Fred the Fish RIP 31 Aug 2012

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DwarvenChef said...

Oh boy, leave it to a fish to make you rethink your ideas :p I say get a bigger tank and stick with guppies :p