Monday, January 02, 2012

Johhny Cakes recipe inspired by Little House on the Prairie

Recently, a friend mentioned that Johnny and June Carter Cash guest-starred on Little House on the Prairie. This reminded me of a phase I went thru when I tried to reproduce recipes depicted on the show... The TV show, "Little House on the Prairie," captioned my imagination as a child. It encapsulated my love of camping, animals, homespun crafts/activities, and epitomized an ideal loving family life that I longed for. My desires for Prairie Cuisine reignited, I searched the web & found a promising site w/a Gluten Free recipe: Johnny Cakes. "Perfect," I thought, a recipe that didn't need to be augmented to make it Gluten Free AND its name nicely echoed the Johnny Cash comment that had rekindled my interest.

With a trusty cast-iron skillet in hand, I made quick work out of the simple recipe whilst shaking my hips to Madonna's Immaculate Collection via iPod.....

What was going thru my head while taking the pictures? Initially, eager anticipation that was promptly replaced by a string of onomatopoeia's associated with distaste. At one point, I remember switching my fork to my left hand because I felt the need to shake my right hand in disgust; perhaps I did this as it had fed me the unpleasant mouthful. This recipe was a no-go for sure, both in texture and flavor. At least there's no health benefits lost in that the patties are cooked in a vat of bacon grease; when the patties are done, the bacon grease is gone. All that grease absorbed by 4 patties. Ick. I accompanied my Johnny Cakes with lemonade, butter, and honey ("Humboldt Honey" brand, if you noticed) as I figured those would have been available to The Ingalls; though I never tried the cakes with the butter and honey as I didn't even make it thru the first bite. I did, however, drink the lemonade quickly and immediately after trying the Johnny Cakes.

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